Celebrating 60 Years of The Sound Abatement Society

Le Pub, Newport
Friday 25th Oct 2019 8:00pm
Maximum of 6 tickets
Over 18s only

Event Information

This year marks 60 years of The Sound Abatement Society, saying SHH to the UK for over half a century. What better way to celebrate their services by attending a live musical performance of Clusterfuck & Lovely Wife?

We will see YOU there on the 25th, being close to National Scary day you are welcome to come in costume, you may win a prize... or not!


Clusterfuck are a posse of bandits from Wales, UK. Music Like Dirt will be their debut single. Followed by Atos. The band formed out of the fields of small festivals and free parties in Europe, and is built upon an unwavering integrity to the expression of their feelings and their relationships with each other. In the music you can feel their anger with the state of modern society and their grief over personal broken relationships. From the guttural aching despair, a cry for hope echoes .


If you like your music Dark, Loud, & Noisy, then you'll fucking love us.
In 2011, Lovely Wife was started as a way to get out of the house & get some gigs without actually practising. Many variations later, and this is what you get, a bastard son of Bosch & Dante made exclusively in a crackhouse.
Since then, they've shared the stage with Melt Banana, Slaves, Hey Colossus, Mutation, Big Lad/Shitwife, Comenechi, Alright The Captain, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, Girl Sweat, Blown Out, Exxasens, Billyclub, Sunwolf, Pet Slimmers Of The Year, Wodensthrone, Sea Bastard, Plague Rider, Year Of Birds, Smokin' Coconuts, Broken Drone, Waheela, Massa Confusa, Skull Puppies, Tide Of Iron, Twice The Trauma, On The Ropes, Iron Skull & many more.

Venue Address

14 High Street